The Teacher Advocate

Teachers are the cornerstone of public education and education is the cornerstone of democracy.

Teacher Advocate

An advocate is a person who speaks in support or defense of another. An advocate may act as an intercessor.   An advocate is someone who will be the voice for the voiceless.

It could also be said an advocate is one who comforts or counsels.  An advocate may strengthen or defend, or plead and convince.  An advocate is a person who will aid and support another.

We all have needed an advocate at some time and I am sure we felt uplifted and sustained knowing that we had a person who was on “our side”.

That is what I intend to do with this blog.

Right now, public schools and public school teachers have been vilified by so many: the press, politicians, pundits.  It seems that we hear nothing but bad about schools and teachers.  Test scores are low; we are not doing the job required; other nations are ahead of us.

Well, I am here to tell you, teachers ARE doing a good job.  We live in a nation in which EVERY child has an education–not just a selected few.  The teacher in the public school classroom works with EVERY  child to ensure that he or she receives an education that will give them a chance for a successful life.  Unlike private schools and even charter schools, the true public school does not pick and choose a student and his or her family.  Teachers work with every student who walks through the door.

So I am writing to advocate for  public school teachers and public education.  Teachers are highly skilled and trained professionals.  They need to be treated as such.


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2 thoughts on “Teacher Advocate

  1. Jessica on said:

    A real advocate is one whom is not afraid of the backlash when others don’t agree. This is not always an easy position, but when the situation is right and a wrong needs to be brought to attention, then it is very moving and appreciated!
    Public school is for the public and everyone gets an education regardless of age, race, economic status, and ability. That is why it is so important to respect teachers for what they do for each individual and not a number on a bias test score. Test score don’t tell the real story behind an individual.
    Keep up the good work that all the teachers are doing. Don’t let the opinion of a few determine your next objective, you make that on your own. Teachers need to have the control of their classrooms returned, by allowing them to use curriculum as they see necessary. Teacher are professionals, that have to continue their education in their field to renew their licenses. They are aware of new laws and research and use them to support their teachings! Let teachers teach and not just instruct!

    Love my job,

    • radicalreformer on said:

      Yes, Jessica, it is hard to take a stand when everyone else seems to be on a different page. Thanks for your comment.

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